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Client Testimonials

I have had the pleasure of working with Jeanie at Yosemite Drafting & Design Co. to develop renderings for Lawson Construction. Our clients are always impressed with the quality of which she executes projects. She has a talent for visualizing concepts and taking them into a tangible form. In addition she is full of great ideas and is constantly helping to improve on designs. I highly recommend working with Yosemite Drafting & Design Co.
— Kimberly Lawson, Lawson Construction
The interior of the stone cottage guest home near Yosemite Park that we featured last week gives a clear view of the finished/distressed Douglas fir timbers. Our thanks to Lawson Construction and Yosemite Drafting & Design Co. for bringing us this project and for the finished photos! February 10, 2015.
— New Energy Works Timberframers